Main Gallery

Exhibitions in the Main Gallery showcase art in all mediums, as well as exhibitions featuring cultural history and science.

Current Exhibition

Maciek-Albrecht-WoodpeckerThe Monmouth Museum presents, The Neo Outsider:  The New Outsider Artist from June 29 through September 7th.

The group exhibition is being guest curated by Dion Hitchings of the Outsider Art Gallery in Frenchtown, NJ.  According to Hitchings:

“The new outsider artists are housewives, policemen, optometrists, truck dispatchers, art directors, dumpster divers, potters, autistic children, grandfathers, mental patients, school teachers, engineers, lawyers, librarians…

Artists who have found their ‘very unique world,’ which has no rules and which does not rely on technique or skill.

Where people can be blue and the world can be flat.  Where flowers can have eyes and purple dogs fly.  Where there are no perspectives or rules to break.

New outsider art can be happy, sad, naive, angry, innocent, childlike, and wild.  It has no boundaries or borders.  You are free to express yourself, your world, and your mind, in any way you can imagine and dream.”