CUBA TODAY: Through the Eyes of Twelve Photographers

March 18 – May 20, 2018

Images above (left to right): Mas Libres by Peter Tilgner, Inkjet Print;
School Yard Pitcher by Peter Tilgner, Inkjet Print.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00am-5:00pm; Friday: 10:00am-9:00pm; and Sunday: 12:00pm-5:00pm. Admission $8.

CUBA TODAY is much more than old cars and cigars. This exhibition brings together a diverse group of photographers whose journeys have taken them from Santiago De Cuba and Guantanamo in the East to Camaguey, Trinidad, Santa Clara, and Havana in the West. Their work offers us an opportunity to see Cuba with new eyes. Their images are a testament to the richness of the Cuban peoples heritage, culture, history, diversity, and ingenuity as well as the Cuban government’s reminders of their revolution and the U.S. Trade embargo.
-Peter Tilgner, Curator

Photographers Panel Discussion: Wednesday, March 28, 7:00pm

The twelve artist featured in this exhibition are: Barbara Berger Brill of Englewood, NJ ; Cyndie J. Burkhardt of New York City; Constance Stirling-Engman of Ithaca, NY; E. Jan Kounitz of Jersey City, NJ; Marsha Michel of Old Tappan, NJ; Mansa K. Mussa of Newark, NJ; Nancy Ori of Berkeley Heights, NJ; Franc Palaia of Rhinebeck, NY; Karen Rossen of River Vale, NJ; Jay Seldin of Montclair, NJ; Heidi Sussman of West Orange, NJ; and Exhibition Curator, Peter Tilgner of Tenafly, NJ. These artists all brought their own personal experiences and perspectives to their visit. Here are some of their comments:

What I encountered left me spellbound. – Barbara Berger Brill

The spirit of the people left the biggest impression – Cyndie J. Burkhardt

The people will always be Cuba’s greatest asset – E. Jan Kounit.

They were so welcoming, it was easy to make beautiful portraits – Nancy J. Ori

It’s hard to be unhappy when you hear such beautiful sounds rising from the ruins. – Heidi Sussman

CUBA TODAY, Modern Dance Performance: Saturday, May 5, 6:00pm

The Modern Dance Performance starts at 6pm with a Museum Reception to view the art exhibition, followed by the modern dance performance in Brookdale Community College Performing Arts Center Theater, located right next to the Museum at 7pm.

Brookdale Community College Dance Club Ensemble will perform student choreography interpretations based on chosen pieces in the exhibition CUBA TODAY. The modern dance performance will be curated by Doreen Laperdon Addison, Dance Adjunct and Dance Club Advisor. Dance interpretations of other pieces in the art exhibition will also feature guest choreographer Jill Molinaro and her company the Jill Molinaro Modern Dance Company.

A discussion with the curator, Peter Tilgner and the CUBA TODAY artists present will follow the dance interpretations.
The reception and dance performance are Free and open to the public.

Cuba: Observations of a Photographer presented by Nancy J. Ori: Monday, May 14, 10:30am

Nancy J. Ori, a student of Ansel Adams, and one of the photographers in the exhibition, stated that “Art gives us a history and our history gives us art” Her photographs are images of the people in Cuba, who symbolize the life and spirit there. They represent a microcosm of hope and fear. The old, as well as the young, are united by a look of life experience. “They have weathered the test of time. They stand as quiet voices that tell of the harsh realities of life and of sacrifices made by the common man. Through these images we see vulnerability and endurance. There is a beauty that reveals itself through these kinds of observations. Their hopes and fears may have come and gone but these images remain as reminders of the many pieces there are to the puzzle of Cuba.” Free for Museum members and 2 guests. Call for more information: 732-224-1992.