Nilson Gallery

The Nilson Gallery features the work of New Jersey artists, including the New Jersey Emerging Artists Series, a unique and exciting forum for NJ artists who have never had a one-person show of their work in our State. The artists selected for this Series represent the diversity of talent in the State and demonstrate their creativity in a wide variety of media. Gallery talks scheduled during the exhibitions offer artists the opportunity to share their stories and provide insight about what inspires and drives them in the creative process. 

Current Exhibition: NJ Emerging Artists Series Metafisica by Hannah Ueno

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Artist Statement:

“The central theme of this series is ‘a place of solace’ in one’s mind’s eye. My interpretation of ‘a place of solace’ is a place of healing where one can dream, think, search, reflect and hope. Each image is a visual juxtaposition and narrative of my personal views of nature and sanctuary. Each artwork is constructed using more than 20 individual images from my original photographic archive, and digitally painted. The final output is done using 3D Lenticular process. 3D Lenticular technology is the combination of multiple image layers viewed with a special lens to create an illusion of depth. Images are interlaced or combined and then placed under a specially designed lens. 3D Lenticular image works by making the change in viewing angle, each angle sees a slightly different view. This creates a stereoscopic 3D effect without the use of 3D glasses. Best viewing distance of these lenticular prints is 3-4 feet.” -Hannah Ueno

Picture7 Image Pictured: Hannah Ueno, Summer Dream, 3D Lenticular prints on archival museum grade paper, 2011

Artist Talks

Selected artists give an Artist’s Talk during their exhibition, offering the public insight into their artistic process. All opening receptions & Gallery Talks are free and open to the public. An Artist Talk with Hannah Ueno will take place on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 from 7-8 pm.

Upcoming Exhibition: NJ Emerging Artist Series Grid Paintings by Michael Burris Johnson


Artist Statement:
“The grid paintings sustain a belief in the transformative capability of art. This artistic pursuit is about embodying values that demand a concentration of will: patience, endurance, consistency.

Because the grids are painted square by square, they require the ability to sustain focus through durations of tedium until suddenly, at long last, something beautiful becomes apparent. The ambition is to achieve grace through persistence, repetition and perseverance.

The grid is a formal representation of the foundation of human understanding and the way we map our worlds. An unnatural form absent of intrinsic meaning, it is a creation of consciousness, an illusion of order. To fill the grid is an absurd task—in choosing to return to the work there is dignity.

Each painting conjures an image from deep silent regions of existence, pulled from under the heart. There is an effort to find passage—beyond memory, past the senses’ horizon—to pass through a rigid structure and hold in tact an honest affirmation of life.

Art is an external intensity abstracted from the human body, a point of connection, recognition, and communication that is impossible in any other form. Painting is an exercise of existence—a way in which we come closer to what lies just beyond life.” -Michael Burris Johnson