June 2 – July 2, 2017

NJ Emerging Artists Series presents: Jason M. Stewart
Negotiations of Place

Gallery Hours: Tue-Sat: 10am-5pm;  Sun: 12pm-5pm

Artist’s Statement:

In Negotiations of Place, I am concerned with the struggle that occurs between the real and the remembered, the rational and instinctual.

My process begins with an awareness of place and the way it is seen, experienced, and remembered. Through photographs and drawings, I study places of personal significance and transience. These studies are abstracted through the improvisation and vocabulary of paint in a way that honors the locale while becoming something new. Schematic drawings, which represent fact and accuracy, are drawn from memory; memories filled with emotions and inaccurate accounts. The abstractions develop in unknown directions. They are improvised and intuitive, reactionary and resourceful, quick but authentic.

My intent is to juxtapose a painting with itself. Thick, organic, viscous layers are contrasted with delicate marks, transparent glazes, or geometric simplicity. While paint builds up, it destroys or limits what is underneath – creating a push and pull between the past and present, the pretty and the grotesque. It is through the physical act of creating that I honor a past experience but also create a new place – a place that attempts to be familiar but will always be distant and beyond reality.

Images above: Left: Ways of Worship, Synthetic polymer paint, ink, and charcoal on canvas, 2013; Right: Trash Cans Stand as Weekly Suburban Tombstones, Synthetic polymer paint and graphite on canvas, 2016

July 14 – August 13, 2017

Upcoming NJ Emerging Artists Series presents: Lisa Lackey
Just a Moment

Gallery Hours: Tue-Sat: 10am-5pm;  Sun: 12pm-5pm

Artist’s Statement:

My work is about capturing and translating moments from everyday life into textile images made from a collage of fabric color blocks overlaid with embroidered details. It is important to me that the image be of an organic moment in time where the artistic constructs of color, depth, and composition coalesce. I recreate these fleeting memories using traditional, centuries old textile craft techniques. The layering of these different views of time into the work is very powerful for me.

The experience of having once lived in New York City, amongst 8.4 million people, heightened my awareness of the issues of identity, both public and private. I am keenly aware of our need for privacy in the public environments we find ourselves in today. I have chosen to eliminate facial identity from the information I present, so the people I portray may remain anonymous. In truth, personal identity is not important to the story I am telling. Our lives are universal in many respects, and it is this deeper understanding I choose to explore.

Images above: Left: 6 AV LCL,Fabric and thread on canvas, 36″x36″; Right:Sister’s Dog Sadie,Fabric and thread on canvas, 14″x11″

GALLERY TALK: July 19, 2017