NJ Emerging Artists Series presents: DANIEL SROKA 
Nature from a Different Angle

Gallery Hours: Tue-Sat: 10am-5pm Fri: 10am-9pm Sun: 12pm-5pm

Artist’s Statement

I create immersive abstract photographs from the most familiar parts of nature — leaves, shells, ice, and seeds. I only photograph what I can hold in my hands, creating art that explores nature on a personal scale. I’ve always been more interested in a leaf that fell to the ground than the view in the distance. When I pick up a leaf and experience it first hand, nature becomes real for me: an integral and relevant part of my life. I make art that recreates this feeling of holding a part of nature in your hands, and personally connecting with it.

Whenever I walk through my neighborhood in Northern New Jersey, I habitually collect the delicate fragments of nature I find in my path — the leaves, sticks, flowers, or seeds that have fallen to the ground, often overlooked and ignored. Back in my studio, I spend days, or even weeks, carefully exploring the unique character and personality of each leaf or seed. It is a slow, careful process of perception, evaluation, and experimentation. By working with abstraction, texture, and form, I create photographs that reveal the complexity buried within in the simplest parts of nature.