Nilson Gallery

The Nilson Gallery features the work of New Jersey artists, including the New Jersey Emerging Artists Series, a unique and exciting forum for NJ artists who have never had a one-person show of their work in our State. The artists selected for this Series represent the diversity of talent in the State and demonstrate their creativity in a wide variety of media. Gallery talks scheduled during the exhibitions offer artists the opportunity to share their stories and provide insight about what inspires and drives them in the creative process.

Current Exhibition

Inyoung_Upside down_300dpi_5inch

The New Jersey Emerging Artists Series continues this summer, from August 15 to September 14, with an exhibition of pen drawings by artist Inyoung Seoung.

Inyoung states, “Stream of Unconsciousness is comprised of pen drawings that I have been creating since 2010. This Series is a manifestation of automatic drawings—automatic being defined as drawings created without a base sketch but entirely from intuition and innate instinct. The materials of pen and unpredictable canvas allow no room for error. Any mistake would be easily detectable, even to an untrained eye.

My drawings have thousands of directions that mimic elements of trees, from branches to tree trunks to roots, yet, they are not actual trees. Within my artwork I attempt to convey complex human relationships elaborating on a connection between trees and human beings. The viewer may discover branches that appear to be arms and legs coming out of a human body while discovering that both have universal similarities and individual uniqueness.

The work in this Series, while on the surface appear to represent solely organic shapes, also portray the human struggle between desire and sin, and are testimonies to my own struggles in dealing with human relationships.”


Artist Talks

Selected artists give an Artist’s Talk during their exhibition, offering the public insight into their artistic process. All opening receptions & Gallery Talks are free and open to the public. Artist’s Gallery Talk with Inyoung Seoung, Wednesday August 27, 2014 from 7 – 8:00 pm. Inyoung Seoung will share insights on her work in a discussion at the Museum.