The Monmouth Museum Photo Scrapbook

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Friends Fall Tea 1
Wanda Garbett at the the opening of the African Amercian Stamp Art Exhibition, which was on view in the Nilson Gallery January 7 - February 18, 2007. Becker Children's Wing Anniversary Gala - Honoring Marion Becker and Gloria Nilson. Panel discussion of the Photo Exhibit on collecting photography.

The Friends of the Monmouth Museum put the fun in Fall Tea.

stargazing 2
7 sisters

July 13, 2007
The Osters' hosted our fundaising event which supported the new exhibition BLAST OFF! A Space Journey, which opened in the Becker Children's Wing.

The STARGAZING evening was Co-Chaired by Daniel J. Fenski, II and Kathy Hochberg. Stargazing Committee Members included: Chris Doxley, Marianne Ficarra, Marion Guerrera, Colleen Healey, Michael Oster, Patty Phillips, Patricia Roberts, Leigh Royer, Margaret Schmidt, Jennifer Schmittler, Denise Weiner and Faye Zealand. Beyond: Visions of Planetary Landscapes
March 9-May 4, 2008
This traveling exhibition from SITES (The Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service) made its national touring debut at the Monmouth Museum. Using NASA images, photographer Michael Benson creates views of every planet in the Solar System and reveals the beauty, mystery and drama of space.

Girls Night Out: 7 Sisters

A great performace by a fascinating family of quilters.

Dr Gregory Olsen


catherines bench

An Evening with Dr. Gregory Olsen, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Space Traveler
Almost 100 people attended the lecture and discussion learned first-hand what it’s like to travel into space with U.S. scientist and entrepreneur Dr. Gregory Olsen.
Dr. Olsen became the world's third civilian space traveler. During his 10-day trip to the International Space Station (ISS) and back, he performed more than 150 orbits of the Earth, logged almost four million miles of weightless travel, and conducted several experiments in remote sensing and astronomy.

“Chairish the Museum” Exhibition and Silent Auction Benefit
A few chairs from the benefit are available for sale, follow this link.
Anna Grace Howie, Museum Trustee Madeline Dale, and Museum Trustee Marti Huber are proud supporters of the Monmouth Museum. Lorena Vera with her elephant chair
Chairish 09
Benefit committee
Chairish 09 The idespensible ATeam

The Altmans and Jim Fitzmaurice at Chairish 09

Charish 09 Benefit Committe Members
Jeff MacPhersonMarianne and Carla
Dan Joan and Avis

Jeff MacPherson was our MC and Auctioneer at Chairish 09
Marianne Ficarra and Carla Valentino at Chairish 09

The crowd at the MCAC 09 opening Dan Fenski, Joan Hierholzer and Avis Anderson at Joan's opening
mcac musicians
MCAC musicians

Freehold Memorial Day Parade 2009
Monmouth Museum: The Best Museum on Earth

Freehold Memorial Day Parade 2009
Monmouth Museum: The Best Museum on Earth
Freehold Memorial Day Parade 2009
Monmouth Museum: The Best Museum on Earth

GALA: Shenanigans at Shadow Brook Stables
Foxy Widow Margaret Schmidt attempted to outwit the Detective team of Avis Anderson and Bonnie Ambrosia.

GALA: Shenanigans at Shadow Brook Stables
Gala Co-Chairs Chuck Peters and Marianne Ficarra enjoy the poolside gardens of the Shadow Brook Stables.

GALA: Shenanigans at Shadow Brook Stables
Bonnie Ambrosia interrogates murderess Wendy Withers (Casey Riordan).

GALA: Shenanigans at Shadow Brook Stables
Daniel Fenski, Gloria and Len Nilson looking rather suspicious and natty at the murder mystery.

GALA: Shenanigans at Shadow Brook Stables
Murderess Casey Riordan shares a moment with her parents Kathy and Kevin .

GALA: Shenanigans at Shadow Brook Stables
Board Members Faye Zealand and Daniel Fenski with Dr. Terry Zealand trying to solve the case.

GALA: Shenanigans at Shadow Brook Stables
Stable jockeys David Giffler, Nelson Kuperberg and Colleen Healey show off their riding costumes in the main dining room at Shadow Brook Stables.

GALA: Shenanigans at Shadow Brook Stables
Benefit Committee Members Margaret Schmidt, Kathy Hochberg, Stan Cain and Jennifer Schmittler caught in the act.

chairish kickoff

GALA: Shenanigans at Shadow Brook Stables
Veterinarian/ Committee Member Linda Hubble with Co-Detective/ Museum Director Avis Anderson.

GALA: Shenanigans at Shadow Brook Stables
It's murder being a jockey at Shadow Brook Stables. The beautiful home of Lisa Parks made a wonderful setting for a very fun evening of MURDER, MAYHEM and HILARIOUS HIGH JINKS to benefit our educational programs.

GALA: Shenanigans at Shadow Brook Stables
Nelson Kuperberg and David Giffler admiring the dead jockeys' uniform.

Pictured at Chairish Kick-off Party at the home and studio of artist Sue Sweeney: Left to right: Jan Barthold, Cynthia Wellington, Dan Fenski, II, Museum Trustee, Sue Sweeney, David Beil and Marlene Bohnyak.
Curchin Golf event 1 Curchin Golf event 2 curchin golf event 3  

Curchin Miniature Golf Benefit
The Curchin CPA Group named The Monmouth Museum as one of the beneficiaries of thier annual mini golf tourney. Nine holes were installled right inside the Curchin offices.

Curchin Miniature Golf Benefit
Left to right: Harry Jacobson, Robert Fouratt, The Curchin Group, and Sharon Brimmer T off at the Museum's golf hole entitled "The Best Museum on Earth" to go along with the theme of the "Blast Off"' exhibit in the Becker Children's Wing.

Curchin Miniature Golf Benefit
Lynn Conover, Partner, The Curchin Group, and Robin DuMont pose with our high flying astronaught.