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ARTISTS TALK: Andrew Werth

Date(s) - 08/03/2016
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Monmouth Museum

Artist Talks

Andrew Werth – Organized Organic Abstract Paintings

July 15 – August 14, 2016

Artist Talk: Wednesday, August 3,  7-8 pm

Nilson Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 10am-5pm; Friday: 10am-9pm; Sunday: 12pm-5pm.

With BS and MS Degrees from Carnegie Mellon, Werth’s first career was as a software engineer. He left that profession and moved to Manhattan for nearly six years to try something different, self-directing an arts and humanities education that included classes at the School of Visual Arts, The New School, and the Art Students League.
His paintings, carefully designed abstract artwork full of curvy, biomorphic shapes (most of which are on aluminum composite panels) are constructed through a slow, deliberate process that consists of thousands of hand-painted, carefully applied interlocking brushstrokes of acrylic paint. Gradations of color in the underpainting interact with similar changes in the top layer of marks, allowing the mind’s perceptual apparatus to create a sense of depth, movement, and luminosity.
The title of this show, Morphogenesis, refers to the creation of shapes in biological creatures, especially through a process first described by British mathematician Alan Turing.
“I simulate that process on the computer until an artistically pleasing equilibrium is reached and use the resulting patterns as starting points for my paintings. Turing Patterns provide a link to my previous career as a software engineer and show how simple processes can produce complex and beautiful designs in both nature and art,” Werth stated.