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NJ Emerging Artist Lorraine DeProspo

Date(s) - 06/03/2016 - 07/03/2016
12:00 am

Monmouth Museum

NJ Emerging Artists Series

Lorraine Mailer pm_Page_1Lorraine DeProspo – Oil and Wax Paintings
The Rhythms of the Sea
Montclair, NJ
June 3 – July 3, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, June 3rd 6 – 8 pm
Artist Talk: Wednesday, June 8th 7-8 pm

My work can simply be described as an ongoing diary of the seascape, with numerous journal entries of quiet conversations and energetic visual remembrances. To me, there is something irrefutable about the draw of the sea. Intangible and seductive, it summons us all individually and collectively, for solace and reflection.

I seek the water’s edge for the solitude it provides, to reconnect with myself or to disconnect with the world around me. The music and the rhythms of the sea, which at first observation appear always the same, are truly ever changing. The fog and mist which blur the lines between the water and the land engage my senses, captivates my mind, and sets it free to wander.

As an artist, my relationship with the sea translates into an abstract and minimalist visual dialogue. My approach to painting is purely intuitive. My tools are oil, wax, canvas, panel board, and a few treasured pallet knives. My intention is to build a richness and subtle appearance to my paintings through meticulous color blending and the creation of depth through the addition of a wax medium. Ultimately, my artistic goal is to infuse a moody overtone that will immerse the viewer into my work, offering them respite at the water’s edge.