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Steven Epstein, Paintings

Date(s) - 05/30/2014 - 06/29/2014
All Day

Monmouth Museum

NJ Emerging Artists Series

The New Jersey Emerging Artists Series continues this spring with an exhibition of paintings by artist Steven Epstein.

Epstein states, “My acrylic paintings often involve street or mall scenes in the evening. In these images, I try to express the breaking down of boundaries—those between real and abstract, and real and fanciful— fixed borders with hints of other dimensions leaking through. Night helps to ease the breaking down of boundaries. There is something about night streets that I am attracted to. Nights have moments of peace and mystery and things have usually cooled down. My paintings explore the mystery dark and the darkness broken by artificial light casting odd shadows. People become figures and figures become silhouetted and abstracted as they move from light to shadow… Film noir is also an influence on my work. Atmosphere, mood, mystery are elements I strive for. The pulp noir novelist Jim Thompson when asked about the twelve basic plots in film supposedly said there is only one…Things are not what they seem.”

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