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the Woods by Ry 來 An 苑

Date(s) - 09/18/2020 - 10/18/2020
12:00 am

Monmouth Museum Nilson Gallery


Part of our New Jersey Emerging Artist Series, “the Woods” by Ry 來 An 苑 will be on display in the Nilson Gallery from September 18-October 18, 2020. Appointments can be made to visit the museum at https://themonmouthmuseum.setmore.com

Artist Statemen: As a person once entrapped in an abusive relationship, I tend to see manipulation and predatory behaviors everywhere. As a vegan, I am further bothered by society’s impetus to prey upon “the weak”: animals, nature, the poorer classes of people…
My attempts to cope with a number of terrible experiences led me to begin a series of allegorical oil paintings and recycled media compositions featuring vulnerable characters trying to escape similarly dire circumstances: – a blind horse, – a butterfly with tattered wings, – a cat on fire… The paintings have an implied narrative drawn from “a deep reservoir of assorted traumas”. They tie in with one another so that a story seems to unfold from one to the next. This is a story of consumption and abuse, without any of the blood or bruising, with “fun” & colorful terrors replacing the real world kind.

When interesting ideas appear in these paintings, I explore them in 3-dimensions with shredded junk-mail & other discarded media. By shining a strong light on a sculpture, I can better conceptualize how it should fit in a painting: how the light should look, how the shadows should be cast… The paintings and sculptures inform each other in this way. I also “ground” the fanciful forest environment in a sense of reality by painting landscapes en plein air (when possible).
These serene, scenic places take on an ominous air while they dusk.
You will see it in paintings & in sculptures.

See More at https://www.ryancanvas.com/