The Main Gallery is designed with the goal to increase interest in the arts and learning. We present thought-provoking rotating exhibitions in the areas of arts, culture, science, and history, and nationally renowned talent along with the work of NJ artists. The exhibitions are curated by our Exhibitions Committee and through memberships with guest curators and national organizations.

Current Exhibition

Curator: Jenn Hampton

Opening Reception:
Sunday, September 15, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

This exhibition will feature work representing the breadth and
diversity of expression in contemporary photography and includes a variety of photographic media, from traditional black and white images to color photographs, digital and manipulated prints, video/film and alternative processes.

Participating Artists

Mildred Alpern, Kamelia Ani, Danielle Austen, Jenny Balisle, Brandin Barón, John Bendel, Maureen Bennett, David Lee Black, Cheryl Bomba, Mike Callaghan, Michael Campanile, Lauren Carton, Mike Cummings, Dorie Dahlberg, Edward Deverell, Mariah Doren, Douglass Dresher, Joan Gallagher, Stephanie Gamba, Anthony Giarrusso, Brian Hallas, Kathleen Hayes, Jaime Hom, Joy Hutchins, Linda Jacobs, Everett Kane, Jill Kerwick, Thomas Klem, Lua Kobayashi, Elisabeth Koch-McKay, Ray Koh, Sheila Kramer, Ren Larison, Joseph Liatela, Joan Mansfield, Alina Marin-Bliach, Brian Oakes, Joe Paduano, Johanna Paas, Jose Castillo Pazos, Matthew Peake, Elvira Peretsman, Andrea Phox, Robert Pierosh, Kevin Plant, Kristian Quistgaard, Richard Rappleyea, Alan Richards, Ann Rosen, Larry Ross, Ellen Rubinstein, Jenifer Rutherford, Elaine Schenkel, Kristopher Schoenleber, Irina Shoyhet, Glenn Strachan, Jay Sullivan, Carol Tanenbaum, Doug Testa, Peter Tilgner, Jenna Totten, William Van Beckum, Lois White, Tom White, Faith Wight, Eric Williams, Barbara Withers, Scot Wittman, Joy Yagid, Zak Zablow

Hallway Gallery

DEVELOP THEIR EYE: Work by the Students of John Vigg

In the world of photography DEVELOP usually speaks to adding chemicals to film as a way to produce a visible image.
However, in this context, students have all made work where images DEVELOP into something more for the viewer to see.
DEVELOP, treated as a verb, loosely defines as causing to evolve or unfold gradually. This is where the concept gets interesting.
Adding direction and historic context in the classroom is the catalyst to DEVELOP the student’s eye.
They now have the skills to lead the viewer’s eye to DEVELOP ways of peering into the stories their art is telling.
Each student’s work communicates evolving ideas and meanings only photography can expose.–Photography by the students of Brookdale Community College Photography Class with John Vigg

Participating Artists:

Rebecca Berkowitz, Christine Burke, Crista DeAngelis, Tyler Lee, Bartlett Lentini, Ellie Moss, Jonathan Arboleda Rodriguez, Jarod Simmons, Thomas Smith and Vincent Villapando.

John Vigg is an adjunct professor at Brookdale Community College, an artist and designer working in central NJ. He owns a creative design agency, heads up a cooperative art space.  He also ran a photography gallery for budding photographers since the early 2000’s.  His current project is researching and exploring the NJ Pine Barrens to photograph, track and record its larger environments. Tri City News article