Past Exhibitions

Changing Perspectives: Photography

July 10-August 9, 2015
NJEA Sherry Rubel’s series “Changing Perspectives: Photography” dealt with local homelessness and the changing cultural and political causes and effects that come with it.

All Aboard!

November 16, 2014 – January 4, 2015
Curated by Michael Froio

all aboard 2 all aboard
All Aboard was a celebration of railroads in the American landscape presenting an exhibition that details some of the most transformative times in railroad history. Featuring eight renown photographers, including selections from David Plowden and Jim Shaughnessy courtesy of the Center for Railroad Photography & Art as well as the work of Ron White, Mel Patrick, Scott Lothes, John Sanderson, Travis Dewitz and Michael Froio. Alongside railroad artifacts and memorabilia, this exhibition, guest curated by Michael Froio, highlighted the history and nostalgia the railroads evoke and the landscape it has traveled and changed for over 150 years.

Who’s Your Mama: Visions of Our Mentors

September 21–November 2, 2014
whos your mama
The National Association of Women Artists is a pioneering women’s art organization, 800+ members strong and celebrating its 125th Anniversary in 2014. This exhibition depicts, discusses and honors the roles that mentors have had on our work and lives as women artists.

The Neo-Outsider: The New Outsider Artist

June 29 – September 7, 2014
neo 2 neo
The new outsider artists are housewives, policemen, optometrists, truck dispatchers, art directors, dumpster divers, potters, autistic children, grandfathers, mental patients, school teachers, engineers, lawyers, librarians…Artists who have found their “very unique world,” which has no rules and which does not rely on technique or skill.

What’s So Funny? Humor in Art

May 9 – June 22, 2014
whats so funny
From the light hearted and whimsical, to satire and parody, this juried exhibition offered wit for the visual sense. Featuring comically inspired artworks in a variety of styles and media, What’s So Funny? Humor in Art challenges the misconception that fine art is strictly a serious matter.

Expressions of the Natural World

March 16–May 4, 2014
Artists are sensitive to the natural world around them in ways that historically have amazed and intrigued. Observation and representation of color, light, form and patterns have given birth to entire art movements while organic and ecological artworks have raised our collective consciousness about human beings’ connection to the earth. This juried exhibition featured artworks in a variety of styles and media.

Covered in Gold

September 15 – November 10, 2013
covered in gold 2 covered in gold
The Society of Gilders presented this exhibition by members of the Society of Gilders featuring fine art and decorative objects with gold and metal leaf.

America Hits the Road: A Cultural History of the Road Trip

May 10 – August 11, 2013
road trip 2 road trip
This exhibition documented the history of road travel with a roster of special events to celebrate the exhibition.

Art of Illusion

March 4 – April 29, 2012
art of illusion illusion 2
This juried exhibition of artwork presented a link between perception, appearance and reality. Works can explore ideas of expectation and illusion while displaying a visual image that is not quite as it first appears. Illusionist art is represented in a variety of styles including but not limited to trompe l’oeil, photorealism, surrealism, 3D, hidden elements and optical illusion.

Give Peace a Chance

March 6 – May 8, 2011
peace 2 peace a chance
A special exhibition celebrating John Lennon’s life and legacy with images and stories offering visitors a seat on the edge of their bed during John and Yoko’s famous eight day Bed-In for Peace protest held in 1969. Over 40 large-format images by photojournalist Gerry Deiter capture the essence of the happening and are the centerpiece of the exhibition.

George Segal, Everyman: Sculpture, Painting and Drawing

February 28 – April 11, 2010
segal 2 segal
The Museum presented an exhibition of works by internationally acclaimed artist George Segal, featuring his signature life-size cast sculptures, as well as portrait and still life paintings and drawings.

Art on Paper: A Juried Exhibition

April 23 – June 27, 2010
art on paper paper 2
This exhibition focused on artwork in a range of paper-based media including monoprints and limited edition original prints, artist books, drawings and paintings on paper, photographs and wall-mounted paper sculpture. Juror: Bruce Waldman, School of Visual Arts Faculty Member and a Director of the New York Society of Etchers.