Volunteers at the Monmouth Museum


The Museum is privileged to include several volunteer groups among its most dedicated supporters.

The Friends of the Monmouth Museum are a dedicated group of volunteers who plan, organize and host many of our most successful fundraising events and exhibitions.

June Krepow – Chairman
Jan Anania – Former Chairman
Victa McKenzie – 1st Vice Chairman
Terry Blake – 2nd Vice Chairman
Barbara Boas Hecht- Recording Secretary
Rita Kesolits – Corresponding Secretary

Ann Ariosta
Paddy Barber
Barbara Birch
Toni Brescia
Mary Rose Everhart
Eileen Flaherty
Thorel Geltzeiler
Taphy Harcsar
Tricia Henderson
Joann Kreger
Grace Lambert
Pia McCarthy
Michelle Paone
Patricia Pascale
Phyllis Peterson
Bonney Reger
Maureen Samaha
Linda Torchia
Sharon Zarom


An indispensable group of handymen that help us to  keep the Museum operating and functional. They are instrumental to our exhibitions, installations, and building maintenance.  The A-TEAM is always welcoming new recruits for their Monday projects.

Volunteer Today!

To join one of these groups, or become a volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator:  Lenora Miller at 732-224-1992 or  E-mail us at info@monmouthmuseum.org to find out more!